experience Brussels! : an exhibition presented at the Bip, the house of the capital region

Are you an "Echte Brusseleir"?

Discover Brussels by drawing and observation. Remodel an underground station. Dress Leopold as a true king. Help Edith Cavell find her missing belongings. This game will transform you into a real “Brusseleir”!

Are you an "Echte Brusseleir"?


Are you a real “Brusseleir” ? is designed for the youngest amongst us. At the beginning of the game the group is divided in smaller groups. Each group is supervised by an adult who will read the instructions and help with orientation within the expo. The children, or better yet, the artists, will receive all the necessary tools to: design a new underground station, find Edith Cavell’s missing objects, dress Leopold as a true king, redesign the European flag, and give magical powers to the life-size pictures of different characters which can be found throughout the exposition. At the end of the ride, the children will have a newfound knowledge of some of the many aspects that make Brussels such a fascinating city.

Target audience:

  • Kindergarten (ages 5 to 6)
  • Primary school groups (ages 6 to 7)

Skills involved:

This approach of experience.brussels allows the children to discover Brussels in a different way. Their imagination and creativity are awakened, and it also develops their artistic side.

Specific subjects:

The game is particularly suited to the following subjects:

  • Humanities (Society, citizenship)
  • Artistic development

Practical information:

Duration: approximately 45 minutes

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