experience Brussels! : an exhibition presented at the Bip, the house of the capital region

Brussels Pursuit

Each space on the board corresponds to a room in the exhibition, and students must identify the right room in order to find the answer to the guide’s questions.

Brussels Pursuit


The board used for this game represents the entire experience.brussels exhibition. Participants split up into teams of 2-5 players, and work their way through the different rooms. As they seek out the answers to the questions on the cards distributed by the guide, their powers of observation and teamwork will be put to the test. The questions also help the players to learn more about Brussels and its unique history. What was Anderlecht’s original speciality? Which King lent his name to the great park in Jette? Which emergency telephone number works anywhere in Europe? Who was the first King of the Belgians? For each correct answer, the players earn a sticker which they can stick on their score card. By the end of the game the players should have completed their score cards, and thoroughly explored the exhibition.

Target audience:

  • Primary school groups (ages 8 to 12)
  • Language learning groups (levels A1 and A2)

Skills involved:

This educational approach to the ‘experience.brussels’ exhibition helps players to increase their general knowledge, while putting their reading skills and powers of observation to the test. They also get to see Brussels in a new light, while developing their sense of teamwork and their capacity to seek out information.

Specific subjects:

The game is particularly suited to the following subjects:

  • Languages (the game is available in French, Dutch and English)
  • Humanities (history, geography, citizenship)

Practical information:

Duration: approximately 100 minutes
Minimum 6 participants. Maximum of 30 participants per board. It is possible to run two games simultaneously.

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