experience Brussels! : an exhibition presented at the Bip, the house of the capital region


Why was the European Union created? How does the Brussels-Capital Region work? Kadeikes, strotjes, what do these strange-looking words mean?



The ‘experience.brussels’ quiz touches on a broad variety of fascinating topics. In this engrossing, interactive exhibition it can sometimes be difficult to process the flow of new information. This quiz has been specially designed to help you navigate from room to room without getting overwhelmed by it all. We have also taken particular care to maintain a certain educational format: the pages are dotted with open questions and multiple-choice posers, alongside various games including a word search and crossword. You don’t need any existing knowledge to find the answers, just a keen eye. Once you’ve completed the quiz you’ll know everything there is to know about Brussels’ history, geography, environment and institutions, as well as its status as capital of Europe. You’ll even pick up a few words of the city’s distinctive dialect.

Target audience:

  • Secondary pupils (13-18)
  • Language learning groups (from Level B1 upwards)

Skills involved:

This educational approach to the ‘experience.brussels’ exhibition helps players to increase their general knowledge along with their reading and observation skills, discovering Brussels in a new light but also honing their capacity to seek out pertinent information.

Specific subjects:

The quiz is well-suited to the following subjects:

  • Languages (the questionnaire is available in French, Dutch and English)
  • Humanities (history, geography, social studies)

Practical information:

Duration: approximately 60 minutes
No minimum number of participants required. Maximum of 50 participants at any one time.

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